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3 Reasons Why Kittens Are So Hyperactive

3 Reasons Why Kittens Are So Hyperactive

So, you’ve got this little sassy, beautiful and cute kitten with you while you read this, ha?

Well, it’s not hard to guess you’re having a little trouble as well. 

You know what people say: Kittens come with pickles.

Actually, that’s not a real saying but definitely gives the idea.

We all know that those little creatures are hard to resist, with their extremely amiable, lovable, cute, tiny faces and those bonny little paws and those cuddly, softest little bodies and those ‘love me’ looks. 

And whether you’re young or old, a woman or a man, bad or good, in the mood or not, a simple picture of these little creatures can make you smile. 

But things change a little when you actually get one, no matter what all the cat-related posts on social media suggest.

They’re still extremely cute, but they’re also playful, crazy and hyper!

And if you agree with the last sentence above, here are some facts about your cute little kitten and reasons why it behaves like “that”.

Fact I:
Kittens are crazy!

kitty random people colelction guru tshirt
kitty random people colelction guru tshirt

Well, if there’s one word that can describe what a kitten is, it is incontestably crazy!

Wondering why?

Well, kittens are just like spoiled toddlers. They’re so energetic, and this energy hardly ever ends. They run back and forth, jump and if they like, may destruct the place. 

Give a man two thousand kittens and watch him tore the world down in a cute way!

And the worst part?

Kittens are crazy because they’re wild babies, and there’s nothing you can do to change that! You just have to wait until they grow up!

Fact II:
Kittens are extremely energetic hyper and playful!

guru tshirt it is time for yoga kity streching 2
guru tshirt it is time for yoga kity streching 2

Yes, just like human babies, they’re new to this world and they’ve got more energy than a hamster running forever on its wheel. They want to discover, see what’s next, then forget what they’ve seen and discovered all over again. 

Kittens want to play because they’re just like little children, and they’ve got so much energy that makes you feel like you’ve got older and can’t follow it anymore.

There’s nothing much to do other than playing with it until it gets tired and can’t play anymore, which is, often, way out of your reach.

Fact III:
Kittens need to be observed and understood.

kitty beloved guru tshirt
kitty beloved guru tshirt

You always need to remember the resemblance between a kitten and a baby; how much it wants to play with you and all the energy it has. 

If your kitten is doing something that irritates you, it doesn’t mean that it just meaninglessly being wild and bad. 

If it’s scratching and clawing your furniture, it is only trying to sharpen and make its paws grow in a healthy way. 

If it’s too playful and hyper, jumping and running all over the place including you, it means it just needs more attention and wants to be played with. You can always keep its behaviors safer playing with it. 

You just need to observe and try to understand its behaviors. You’ll find out that it’s a lot easier to deal with a kitten when you understand how really a baby it is.

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