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4 Reasons Why You Love Somebody

4 Reasons Why You Love Somebody

Your heart’s beating, for sure. It’s doing its physical job perfectly –plumping all the blood through your veins and keeping you alive. But, do you ever feel like it’s doing something else too, and that something else is overtaking its main job?

You’ve always loved somebody and many things in your life, ever since you were born. Even when you were a little baby with your diapers on, you had a crazy love for your mom. Then came familiar faces from family, friends, first love, first pet, and lots more. You never stopped loving.

Doesn’t it seem like it’s overtaking, really?

And with all this everlasting love in your heart, have you ever wondered why do you love that much?

Because it’s a good question especially when love causes some harm and gets too overwhelming.

Well, bad news. There’s no escape from love and here are the four major reasons -actually facts- about why you constantly keep loving.

#1. As a human, you need a bad time company.

tea time collection guru t shirt 2
tea time collection guru t shirt 2

It’s no lie that the world is messed up and hard to live in. You’ve got bad times, bad times, good times, and bad times again. 

In most cases, it’s hard to admit that you don’t want to be alone especially while going through hard times. It’s not preferable to be alone in good times as well, but not as bad as in hard times, that’s the truth. 

So, you need a shoulder to cry on. You need to hug, lean on and feel safe.

And that’s something that you can’t have with somebody you hate.

#2. You have birthdays.

guru tshirt sayings collection 2 2
guru tshirt sayings collection 2 2

Yes, you’ve birthdays, many other special days, occasions and thousands of good news to share and celebrate with others.

It’s not for certain if agony becomes smaller when you share it, but joy does certainly expand. 

When you have a good reason to be happy for, you want to share it, not on social media only, you want to share it as much as you can, because the more you share it, the deeper you feel it, over and over.

And you do want to do this with people you love. There’s no doubt about this.

#3. We love each other, love is not a one-sided game.

guru tshirt sayings collection 1
guru tshirt sayings collection 1

Yes, the major reason lies here.

You love it because you want to be loved as well. And you love because you are pretty sure that the only way to be loved is to love

(Actually, that’s not what happens in the real world, but we still believe that.)

So, thousands of people love each other, because they need love for themselves. People need love as a survival kit in their pockets, and the more you love, the more love you get.

#4. Loving something makes you feel better.

Reading time humans collection guru t shirt 2
Reading time humans collection guru t shirt 2

Whether it hurts or makes your day, it’s a fact that love is a positive feeling. It can be books you love though.

When you love, you get a feeling that everything is okay. You know that it’s not all okay, but you still feel like that -something beautiful, peaceful, hopeful and cheerful inside. That’s the magic of loving, nothing else.

The best part?

You don’t just have to love somebody, or something big. Loving your cat, loving your pink bike or loving the white lilies in your garden is enough to feel nice because love is the best simple activity to refresh your feelings. You’ll always find some new space deep in your heart to put some extra love. The more you love, the better peace of mind you find.
Maybe today, you’d like to make a list of the little things you love and put it somewhere you see often. That’ll make it easier to remember to love and to love loving.

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