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7 amazing deep ocean creatures

7 Amazing Deep Ocean Creatures

There are many deep ocean creatures which are not discovered by scientist even until today. In this blog post, we will briefly introduce some of them and talk about their evaluated lives for millions of years.

White Shark: There’s nothing to do to survive!

White Shark
White Shark

There are many different types of sharks in the oceans around the world. Some of them live in hot water, while others love cold, ice water. Although sharks can be very large and have sharp teeth, most of them are harmless to humans.

Many creatures are stored in the ocean of other animals trying to eat them. But in most sharks, this is the opposite. An animal they try to catch is hidden until they are close enough to catch and eat it. Can you see a shark hiding in the sand? Most sharks eat meat and fish in the ocean. Some even eat other sharks!

It is impossible not to admire the brave and intelligent attitude of the shark. In fact, we can see that there is a just cause underlying their glorious appearance.

Squid: Big eyes like a basketball!


How well do you know your squid facts? Squid has gills like fish. They are often mixed with octopus. The two are similar but are different types of creatures.

Each squid has three hearts. In addition, the first move along the tail of the water instead of the head. Some squid species may shine in the dark. Research shows that this is due to having bioluminescent organs. The giant squid has eyeballs of the same size as a standard basketball.

Often squid is left alone in the waters. However, small groups of these have been identified. This may be due to the fact that many young people are born somewhere. Although food supplies are scarce or hunters pose a great danger, they come together for easier hunting and survival.

It is not possible not to admire the struggle for life, even though they are so small, right?

Blue Whale: Largest animals to have ever existed!

Blue Whale
Blue Whale

Blue whales look real blue underwater, but their coloring on the surface is a more speckled blue-gray. It takes on a yellowish color from the millions of microorganisms whose navel resides on the skin. The blue whale has a wide, flat head and a long, conical body ending with wide, triangular flukes.

They emit a series of pulses, moans, and moans, and in good conditions, it is believed that blue whales can hear each other 1,000 miles away. Scientists think that they use these voices not only for communication but also for sonar-navigation in the lightless ocean depths with their excellent hearings.

Despite their size, how elegant creatures!

Nautilus: The only target is prey!


Nautilus is the only cephalopod animal that has a fully developed shell for protection in the ocean. Unlike squid, cuttlefish or octopus, the nautilus has poor vision and no lenses in its primitive eyes.   Nautiluses have poor eyesight with two large but primitive pinhole eyes. Under each eye is a papilla, one-tenth of an inch long called the rhinophore, which nautilus uses to detect its prey. When dead fish or shellfish are detected by nautilus, it stretches its thin tentacles and swims to its prey. Nautilus grasps his prey with his tentacles and then breaks it down with his beak before moving to the radula.

It moves by a nautilus jet drive. Water enters the mantle cavity and is forced from the siphon to push the nautilus back, forward or sideways.

Despite its size in Nautilus just like the other 6 amazing ocean creatures, it does not leave its struggle for life!

Linophryne Lucifer: They really are like devils!

Linophryne Lucifer
Linophryne Lucifer

A female linophryne lucifer can grow as big as a baseball ball. Males are smaller and are actually more parasitic than fish. Males must bite females in order to survive. Its tissues fuse together and the male provides sperm while the male protects the male.

The linophryne lucifer has open mouths, pin-sharp teeth, a light expression, and a burning bait over his head. It is not known whether there is a model for lighting or whether the light is kept constant. This bait is used to attract prey.

Humpback: They sing for hours!

Humpback White
Humpback White

Humpbacks normally do not have a hump on their backs; The name comes from the large hump formed when they curve their backs before taking a deep dive into the ocean.

Humpback whales are enormous creatures about the size of a school bus. They are known to violate water with their unforgettable and melodic songs and acrobatic abilities.

Only male humpbacks sing so scientists think they are trying to attract potential friends. A man can sing for hours, repeat the song several times. All men in a population sing the same song, but the songs of each population are different. They are slowly changing songs from year to year!

Cheilinus: What a hard life!


In fact, humphead wrasse has a rather interesting lifestyle, because it is responsible for partially changing the sex (from a woman to a man) throughout its lifetime.

These large, colorful reef fish have been reported to be up to 7 feet, but are normally about 2 feet long. These are proto-eyed hermaphrodites, so sometimes a woman becomes a man and turns from a woman’s rusty red-orange colors to a man’s bright blue-green colors.

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