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Why and How to Wear Minimalist Fashion

Why and How to Wear Minimalist Fashion?

Minimal fashion style, the rising trend of the last period, has already started to affect everyone. This trend, whose roots date back to the 1960s, provides an opportunity to simplify and reveal our pure beauty. Perhaps the most beautiful example of this trend that can influence us in all areas of life is ‘Minimal Clothing’. The examples are so successful that it is not even possible for a person to want to have such a wardrobe.

her shower guru tshirt her lines collection pastel minimalist 5

In fact, we are not strangers to this term at all. Minimalism is among the terms frequently used by fashion designers, designers, bloggers. And minimalism is a line that has been adopted. So what is this minimalism exactly?

Minimalism is a lifestyle and line that you can apply not only to your clothing habits but to all areas of your life. However, starting to change your clothing habits and clothing spending is one of the simplest steps you can take for minimalism.

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Think about it, you will not think about what to wear every morning. You will not feel guilty after buying things you do not need. Since you really have the clothes you need and love, you will not feel that you are spending unnecessary money. All of these will make you feel lighter psychologically. It is also saving.

Let’s start with the word minimalism; It is a trend in modern art and music that goes back to the 1960s and emphasizes simplicity and objectivity. In those years, it was started to be used in order to define the highly simplified and simplified art movements.

her distend guru tshirt her lines collection pastel minimalist 6
her distend guru tshirt her lines collection pastel minimalist 6

Women and men in that period acted in order to draw attention to the object’s feature of being an object and to minimize its historical and symbolic meanings in response to the extreme importance of abstract expressionism on form and emotion. In a way, they tried to minimize the presence of houses with pink shutters. They continued these successes for about 15 years in a stable manner.

Minimal art has also managed to impress fashion designers of the 1960s. Giants of the time, such as André Courrèges, Pierre Cardin, Yves Saint Laurent, and Calvin Klein – just as they are now – designed clothes that were very simple and modern at the time. Already in the fashion style of clothing, which expresses the modern style of clothing at that time, there is often a breeze with minimal art. The bell dresses, which we call A-line, with simple patterns, and clothes that show clear and seamy mastery, are away from gaudy.

her bevel guru tshirt her lines collection pastel minimalist 2
her bevel guru tshirt her lines collection pastel minimalist 2

Let’s come to the selection of minimal clothes; Black and white are the primary colors of the minimal style and are often used in block style. There is no room for the low-cut – which is still not very good for the fashion world today – cuts in the asymmetrical form are at the forefront as well as straight cuts.

As much as possible, loose and flowy clothes are preferred. Fabric preference is also important; There is no place for bright and patterned fabrics in a minimal style. Except for the crowbar pattern we call Piye Dö Pull.

her sitting guru tshirt her lines collection pastel minimalist 4
her sitting guru tshirt her lines collection pastel minimalist 4

There is also simplicity in accessories. There is no such thing as plug and play. If you want, you can use single jewelry in large form – just a bracelet – or several necklaces in thin form. You are also free on the condition that the shoes are solid color. Whether stiletto, oxford or sneakers…

Asymmetrical details are frequently used ornament in minimal style. If you say I want to use vibrant colors, you should use a maximum of three colors. And most importantly, take a look at the mirror before you leave the house and remove the pieces that are stuck in your eyes.

You can apply minimalism in every area of your life, from the interior design of your home to your kitchenware, from your work desk to your personal care. Simplicity and calmness make you feel better, you will get rid of the crowd and confusion in front of your eyes, and you can save money in the long term.

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